Teaching Creative Writing

It’s a privilege to teach creative writing at Bristol Folk House.

My current course is twelve weeks long. On the course, writers can play with words,  find their strengths, and try out writing in different styles. I cover writing short stories, poems, blogs, memoir and also non-fiction pieces.

My approach is to provide my students with a tool-box they can use after the course is finished. I give them pointers for keeping creativity alive and burning inside them and tips for dealing with issues about finding their voice and keeping going.

One of the main tools I use is free writing. It’s a timed writing technique where you set aside time to write. The powerful act of committing ensures progress. Creating a regular pattern is important for writers. All artists practice and writing is no different.

My new class starts on November 8th and in a six week course we’re covering flash fiction and short stories. Do sign up via the Folk House.

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