Novel Nights with Alan Snow

Guest speaker, Alan Snow, will give tips on working with publishers, and talk about having his trilogy, The Ratbridge Chronicles,  made into a feature film. The film (The Boxtrolls),is due to be released in September 2014. and stars Simon Pegg and Ben Kingsley.


Novel Nights takes place on the 1st May at the Lansdown, 8.00 pm. Tickets £4 on the door. 


Here Be Monsters! the first in the trilogy is set in—and below—the fictional town of Ratbridge (based upon Trowbridge ) .  Ratbridge is located in northeast Bumbleshire, on the banks of the River Rat. 

The plot stars Arthur  who flies with the help of mechanical wings and who lives in a complex network of tunnels beneath Ratbridge. It features illegal cheese hunts and fantastical creatures including Fish, a Boxtroll, cabbage heads and freshwater sea cows 

NB: Boxtrolls are a sub-species of the common troll, are extremely shy and live in cardboard boxes. Simon Pegg plays a Boxtroll in the film.

Alan has written and illustrated over 160 books for children including How Pirates really work, and The Truth About Cats. Other projects include creating an app of A Christmas Carol,the design of a children’s science museum in Japan, and the design of project robot. 

How pirates really work

Some tickets available in advance here:

or buy tickets on the door at £4 each.

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