What am I teaching this week?

This week in one of my classes I’m prepping a session called, ‘What to do to make your readers fall in love with you.’

In the two hour session on my Short Stories and Flash Fiction course at Bristol Folk House we’re going to cover showing not telling, tension and suspense and characterisation. For the show not tell exercise I refer to a crime novel, popular in the 1920s where the plot thumps and the language is comically overdone. (Best not reveal my sources!)

On the longer introductory course to Creative Writing, we’re delving into poetry. Last week I asked my students to write a list poem for homework or look at the Poetry Foundation Org. website to find a structure of poem they liked and to write a poem, copying the structure – whether it’s a sonnet, haiku or villanelle.

One of  the best pieces of advice I received on my MA was to read, read widely and read more. It’s the quickest way to improve your writing. The other is to write, of course!


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