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Grace Palmer I’m a writer and creative writing teacher and workshop facilitator based in Bristol. I organise Novel Nights, a live literature event for writers and Flash in Hand, an Open Mic for Flash Fiction. I teach creative writing at the Folk House

Thanks for visiting my site.

Poppies spring up in unexpected places, they’re undimmed and perky, refuse to lie dormant, a little like words and stories.

When I was very young I used to go to riding school every Saturday – the pony I loved was called Poppy. Every week she’d canter down the field and throw me off, at the same spot. I kept getting back on. As a writer you have to keep going, you have to believe in yourself; you do it because you can’t stop.

Poppies are communal  – so I want this site to be a place to share experiences of writing.

My grandmother was a great gardener – my favourite photograph of her is with a backdrop of large oriental poppies.

This website at wordpoppy  is a place where I want to share my work and my writing adventures, as well as what it means to be creative.wordpoppy2


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